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To be completely honest, I’m not really excited about the whole New Year thing. It seems to me that every single year people pay less and less attention to this event. We used to notice massive hysteria connected with the winter holidays. We used to be a part of this hysteria. But in 2013 everybody’s tired of it.

I find it really hard to describe how it is important to have somebody as a best friend. Having one makes you feel more confidential about everything. I also think it’s priceless when there’s someone you can fully trust.

To be completely honest, autumn is not my favorite season. I personally like spring the most. Or summer, maybe. And many other people do for a list of obvious reasons.

Spring has come after a long cold dark winter. All is as usual at first sight-a season changes another one. The more I live, the more get used I am to it. But if to compare this change to a person’s life, it’s possible to notice our life also has its seasons which follow each other. In general a life can be divided into the seasons too. Then spring is the beginning of any life.

It was a nice unforgettable day in August, the most exciting of all while my visiting Holland that summer cause I could  be at the seaside again and see Scheveningen, the most popular Dutch resort.

I’d like to write some interesting facts about Russia - my motherland, the place where I was born, live, have my family, relatives and friends. I should mention, I’m very proud to be a citizen of such a great country, one of the most beautiful and powerful ones in the world.

Today is Saturday, my day off. I’m staying at home and some bored. On Thursday is Women’s day and I’m thinking how to congratulate my mum, granny and sister and maybe to have a party for them.

Mr. John Smith was a common man and his name was the best thing to show it. He had a common job, average car, and very typical wife. But Mr. Smith had a very secrete wish. He wanted to become a free man, not just free to go wherever he wants, but free to decide what to do and think.

There are a lot of possibilities that people just don't even observe, let alone utilize. And if you think about it, you will definitely understand that every event in our life comes to exist only because of a strange coincidence that possibly had a place even in our distant pasts.

Once upon time in a village, there was a nice house with big and colorful garden. In that house lived a woman. She was just a lady, without anything special, average age, and average looks. The lady was very diligent, she had been caring her flowers since she'd began living there, but then a strange thing happened.


Статьи / Общетематические рубрики

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