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In my house lives the cat. It name is Murzik. I like my cat very much. It’s funny and cute and we spend a lot of time playing together. I like to take care about it and how it purrs to thank me for the kindness.

I spent my winter holidays at home with my family. This time in the holidays we didn’t go anywhere. This time my winter holidays began on the 30th of December. This year it was so nice to have a little rest from studies.

I like listening to a very wide variety of music, including pop, hip- pop, rap music, sometimes rock and also I like electronic music. I like listening loud music but it scarcely ever works out.

Holidays are always a joyous occasion. I love the variety of holidays such as birthdays of my friends and relatives and of course my birthday. I also like May holidays when we usually go out with friends or family, where we make barbecues, play games and just relax in the first warm days. Halloween is also one of my favorite holidays, when my friends and I throw a party for which we dress up in carnival costumes. But anyway, my most favorite holiday is New Year's Eve

Hello! My name is Masha. I was born 30th of July 1999 in Moscow. So I’m 14 now. I’m not tall, 165 cm in height. I have blond hair and brown-green eyes.

Love is a power of attraction. It resembles attractive power. It doesn’t matter how strongly you will throw a stone to the sky – the Earth will attract it anyway. As well love. It doesn’t matter how many obstacles will occur at its way – your own “stone” certainly come back.

I was waiting my summer holidays for the whole studying year. In my opinion to rest is more pleasant than to study. When the last lesson ended my friends and I were happy. The main subject of our talks was spending holidays. That day I went home and understood these holidays would be usual for me and it was pity.

There are lots of movies I consider good enough, but what if I had to choose the only one to describe?. The number-one-movie in my personal list would be «24 hour party people». This is a drama directed by Michael Winterbottom.

I want to tell you something about my room. Fortunately, I have a large amount of living space. I had to live there with another family member (my sister), but several years ago she moved to Novosibirsk. Now she lives and works there. And then, finally, I’ve had a right to use this room myself. It’s not always clean and good looking enough, but I’m proud of it.

Many people say that dogs, unlike other animals, are kind intelligent and really devoted to us. Sounds like a stereotypical thought, but it s true. Here s my story.

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Статьи / Общетематические рубрики

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